15 March 2017


The POLYFILL® (PE), a registered trademark of Barlotti srl is the most widely used thermoplastic material in the world.
It ‘a sintered low pressure polyethylene with high density and high molecular weight, whose mechanical and physical characteristics they can be used in the most varied sectors.
With the increase in molecular weight increase the mechanical properties, particularly the wear resistance. It is certainly the material that has the value – performance – better value than any other plastic material. Hence the wide range of use in many different sectors from the mechanical to the construction industry, from food to agriculture, from the sporty to the automobile.
The POLYFILL® (PE) has a rather high coefficient of linear expansion; in fact stretches of 2 mm / meter for each variation of 10 ° C starting from a base of 20 °; hence the need to employ some steps during the design and construction of guides trying to compensate with slotted holes or with metal guides these continuous lengthening and shortening of the material.
The POLYFILL® (PE) can be divided into 4 distinct classes depending on the molecular density: the higher the density is high, the better are the technical characteristics of the material; the density can be measured in two ways:
viscosimetric method
(Values ​​from 300,000 to 500,000 – 1 million to 2 million)
(Scale with 4/5 times higher values)
It is very important to know that there are two measurement methods, in fact, with the same molecular density of the same material may have different values, depending on how it is tested.

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