Our Company



Barlotti srl has been operating for over 30 years in the field of processing of thermoplastic materials and technology for the food industry, pharmaceutical, bottling and packaging; the considerable capabilities of our structure allows us to have a wide range of materials available in stock.
Major investment in logistics and IT level have helped to create a “modus operandi” of preparation of refined and efficient materials, allowing us to reduce the time of delivery of goods.
In the course of our growth, apart from the commercialization of components, the production group has increasingly developed; continuous research and experimentation with materials and its processes have enabled us to achieve qualitatively more advanced results, to the point of being considered today among the leading companies in the industry.
We believe the results achieved so very important today, but at the same time, we work day after day taking advantage of our potential and our experience as a driving engine for a continuous and steady growth; young employees, dynamic and motivated are an integral part of the company and contribute with their work to consolidate the market position of success so far achieved.


The success obtained is the result of our flexibility and ability to evolve.

In extremely dynamic and changing market contexts but above all from the extreme quality of the service guaranteed to our customers, the latter value that drives the entire business activity, Barlotti srl is a brand that is also developing internationally thanks to a wide customers who work in the most varied sectors. We are also able to guarantee our customers a high standard of service and timely deliveries.



The Property of Barlotti S.r.l. establishes the planning, the application by the employees, the monitoring of the effectiveness and the periodic updating of a Quality Management System, in compliance with the international standard ISO9001: 2015, which pursues:

the marketing of catalog products, manufactured by represented companies, selected over time for predictable performance and reliability, uniform throughout the production and aligned with the international benchmarks and the standards in force;

the manufacture of products based on customers’ designs with short supply and delivery times to support customers in their urgencies;

compliance with laws, environmental regulations and applicable standards;

prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;

the continuity of production, the safety of workers and the reduction of environmental impact even in the presence of emergencies.