17 February 2017

Commercial Area


The Rexnord FlatTop Chain Group is a world leader in the field of chains and conveyor components for the food, beverage, packaging, and industrial automation. Customer plant manufacturers, distributors and end users are supplied with products in stock or made to measure. In synergy with the parent company Americana, Rexnord FlatTop Europe markets its three lines Rex, MCC and Marbett worldwide. The head office is based in the Netherlands, the production facilities are located in The Netherlands, Italy, USA and China.

D.I.D. Transmission Chains for Industry

-Esclusivist for Italy-

Brand Japanese known for its quality and reliability. Technological innovator with proven experience in the global market of chain drives, serving a wide range of industries with quality products for over 75 years. Its technology transforms ideas into useful productive reality. D.I.D, a professional partner you can rely on optimal solutions.

Renold – Transmission Chains

Renold provides practical and economically competitive solutions, always respecting its commitment on quality. This goal is pursued through continuous investment on people, process technology and production. Renold has over 125 years of experience in the design and manufacture of products for power transmission, with the highest specifications, and proven in countless areas, anywhere in the world; this is your guarantee of quality and reliability.

Murtfeldt Spann-box Exclusive sales for Italy

The Murtfeldt company is counted among the world’s leading producers of profiles, guides and tensioning systems for roller chain and straps, and individual mechanical components in plastics to sliding abrasion resistant.

Bea Ingranaggi

Bea Ingranaggi Spa, founded in 1960, is a recognized leader in the production and distribution of power transmission components. The wide range of products finds application in many sectors including the agricultural, automotive, textiles, mechanical, manufacturing, the food industry, the packaging, the machinery for the marble, for wood and for the glass.


Z.M.C. Italy srl is engaged in the production and sale of industrial and agricultural conveyor chains, special chains on customer project and for goods lifting winches, racks, pinions and crowns for each type of chain. It treats all types of gears: for mechanical transmission, balls and rollers, organs and other still. In addition, it performs all the main thermal and thermochemical treatments of: carburizing quenching, high-frequency hardening, hardening, nitriding and ossinitrocarburazione. Treats galvanic and chemical coatings, from hot zinc electroplating, the electroless nickel plating and phosphating. The company Z.M.C. Italy srl conforms to the Quality System according to ISO-DIN-BRITISH and STANDARD-ANSI.

Stm Gearmotors

Concessionaire in Exclusive

From the world of mechanics can now count on one great strength: S.T.M. team produces the most complete range of gearboxes and geared motors. There is no sector of the heavy and light engineering mechanics where there are no the products S.T.M. team with the most reliable and advanced solutions, to specific requests of the customer. And ‘one great force that results in a great peace of mind for customers, who know they can rely on not only technologically advanced but also on the great wealth of knowledge, product and market. S.T.M. team: always the union is strength. From today also it makes customer satisfaction.

Rollers Rulmeca

Founded in 1962, the Rulmeca Group has grown to become a leading partner of the handling of worldwide materials. With its three brands (Rulmeca, Precismeca and Melco), today the Rulmeca Group is the largest supplier of rollers and motorized pulleys for conveyor belts for heavy load, intended for applications for quarries and mines. Traditionally focused on applications for the handling of bulk materials, in June 2013 on the Italian market Rulmeca has introduced its own set of rollers, motorized pulleys and components for handling packages.


Since 1958, year of establishment, the GAMM is appreciated for the care and the technology with which designs and manufactures its own range of articles unified industrial knobs, handles and maneuvering flyers, collected in a large technical catalog. The success, achieved in 50 years of activity and matured through constant pursuit of product quality together with operational flexibility and speed of service, has led the company to the highest levels in the market. Today more than ever the GAMM production is controlled and finished with the same care as a time ensuring a high standard of quality product.

Slide guides for chains and belts

The ®  for its qualities is an excellent material for the construction of sliding guides: unlike the now outdated metal guides it limits the wear of the chain rollers especially in commitments with poor lubrication.

The guides in ® minimize vibrations, the effect of dragging the chain and do not need special maintenance.

Mesh belts

The company Barlotti Srl specializes in the distribution of spiral mesh belts. The research and development of new applications is our strength for over 30 years. This philosophy allows us to reach and satisfy daily broad market range.

Belts PVC Rubber

The Barlotti Srl is able to satisfy its customers, using a trusted partner, providing a service on the range of conveyor belts PVC-PU-RUBBER, flat transmission belts, V-belts and round self-sealing and coating rollers.